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IACA Programs

Since 1974, the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) has been instrumental in helping to promote, preserve and protect American Indian arts and crafts.

IACA Circle of Members

IACA’s membership is unique. It is comprised of individuals and businesses that represent the entire Indian arts industry: artisans, retailers, wholesalers, museums, governmental agencies, collectors, suppliers and supporters.

IACA Symbol & Code of Ethics

The IACA logo assures buyers and collectors of purchasing with confidence. Only current members of the Association are allowed to use it. As a member, each artist, retailer and wholesaler agree to honestly and ethically represent their merchandise and to abide by State and Federal laws.

Wholesale & Retail Markets

IACA hosts markets for the industry and the public in order to enhance the image and marketing of authentic American Indian arts and crafts. For more than thirty years, IACA wholesale markets have brought together artists, retailers, wholesalers, and museums to the world’s largest trade show featuring American Indian art from the United States and Canada. Buyers from around the globe attend for the opportunity to purchase from our members. Retail markets connect the general public with quality American Indian arts and artists and offer educational programs to further their knowledge and appreciation for the arts.

Artist of the Year Competition

This juried competition also includes category awards recognizing other top artists of the Association. During the Spring Market, Artist Members compete for the prestigious IACA Artist of the Year award. In addition to acknowledging creativity and expertise, the Artist of the Year is promoted by IACA and its members throughout the year. The honor includes financial benefits as well as one year of extensive promotion.

Artist of The Year Criteria For Entries

Member Directory & Other Publications

The IACA Member Directory lists all members by category and geographic location, making it possible to find artists and businesses that specialize in specific areas of Native American art. This directory is only listed on the IACA website under Search Members. In addition, IACA has published a book on collecting and educational product brochures for retailers and the public. IACA also publishes a Journal for its members, buyers guides for its markets and other informational articles for the Industry.

Educational Programs

IACA partners with the IACA Education Fund in a variety of educational programs to foster an understanding of American Indian arts and the cultures from which they are derived and to encourage an appreciation of American Indian art. In addition, IACA/IACEF organizes seminars and workshops to provide professional development and business skills for artists. In addition, IACA works closely with other related organizations to assist and offer its expertise in American Indian Art and the business of art.

Cooperative Marketing

IACA offers its members the benefit of local and national cooperative advertising opportunites, enabling many who would not be able to afford without this benefit.


IACA serves as an active advocate for the Native American artisans who produce handmade goods, and for the industry as a whole. It supports and educates on the State, Federal and Tribal laws which protect the artists, the public and the businesses against fraudulent reproductions and misrepresented products. IACA assists in setting standards and definitions and provides testimony about the detrimental effects of misrepresentation on the industry.

Indian Arts & Crafts Association
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Phone: 505.265.9149, fax: 505.265.8251, info@iaca.com
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