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IACA members invite you to join us in promoting, preserving and protecting the arts and culture of the American Indian. All Members agree to adhere to the IACA Code of Ethics to honestly represent American Indian arts and crafts. Each category has different benefits. You can download your IACA Membership application at the bottom of this page.  Applicants for Artist, Wholesale or Retail membership should review the IACA Vetting Process prior to applying.

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Artist/Craftsperson $80/year

Any individual who is a member of a federally or state recognized Indian Tribe or is certified as an Indian artisan by a Indian Tribe; or, any individual who can provide official documents from the Canadian government certifying his/her status as a Canadian Registered Indian, Metis or Inuit.The artist/craftsperson membership is only for an individual artist selling their own work. Read more about being an IACA Artist Member.

Wholesale - $235/year

Individual or business that purchases goods directly from Native American artists for resale to retailers; or, an individual or business that employs American Indian artists to produce handmade products for resale to retailers. Benefits of IACA Membership.

Retail - $235/year

Individual/business actively engaged in the Indian arts and crafts industry by selling such products to the ultimate consumer for their personal use. Benefits of IACA Membership.


Ancillary- $235/year

Membership in this category is open to those individuals or businesses who provide items used in the making of Indian arts and crafts, Native products that are not considered art or products which other member organizations might sell in their stores. Benefits of IACA Membership.

Subsequent Location - $70/year

The original membership is the primary member­ship; additional locations thereafter are Subsequent Locations. In order to qualify, ownership must be the same as that of the approved primary location.

Museum - $75/year

Open to any institution devoted to the traditional activities of museums. This category is not open to retail shops located within museums, as they are required to seek membership in the Retail category.

Associate Organization - $105/year

Open to organizations involved in the Indian arts and crafts industry that wish to support the goals and activities of IACA, but do not meet the criteria of any other category.

IACA Collector's Guild - Individual $70/year, Joint $90/year

Open to all individuals interested in the ethical representation and marketing of Indian arts; and, are part of the crafts industry for personal pleasure rather than for business purposes. This category is not open to anyone purchasing products for the purpose of resale. Joint memberships available for two members residing at the same address. Read More.

Sustaining - $130/year

Open to individuals or businesses wishing to support the goals and activities of IACA, but do not meet the criteria of any other category. Must provide three positive references.

IACA Member Applications

Wholesale, Retail, and Ancillary Member Application

Artist Member Application

Museum, Sustaining, and Associate
Member Application



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