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American Indian Art


Historic IACA Wholesale Markets

Old Friends Celebrate a Great and Perhaps Final IACA Wholesale Market


The IACA Wholesale markets not only provided a place where buying and selling of the very finest in American Indian Art, but it is a place where old friends gather to learn more about the American Indian Art industry, but to enjoy the company of the many valuable friends in the business, and to celebrate the IACA Artist of the Year.  It is a place where nostalgia is always present, and tales of the old days are told by IACA veterans like Jackson Clark (right) who participated in the very first ever IACA wholesale market with only a dozen or so exhibitors.



The IACA wholesale market was a place where renowned artists gather, including many IACA Artists of the year. Caroline Carpio, Al Joe, Michael Kirk (represented by daughter Elizabeth), Shane Hendren, Mary Small and Cliff Fragua.


No other venue has ever assembled the exceptional talent as did the IACA Wholesale market.


Everyone learned a bit more at the IACA markets.  A bit more knowledge than they had before attending the market.  Here Martin Seidel shares his knowledge about turquoise and the ways in which artificial turquoise is made today.  Martin, from Golden Fleece Trading Company,is perhaps the top experst today when it  comes to the subject of turquoise.Martin provided a great learning experience.  


A  bit of fun is always a part of the IACA market, as artist Adrien Wall and his gang rocks out for an evening.  (That is renowned sculptor Cliff Fragua hiding behind the drums.)  This is a time when everyone gets together including top artists, wholesale people and retailers.  This is one more thing that made these historic markets special.


The high point of each market was  recognizing the IACA Artist of the Year. That honor not only  goes to the artist, but to the family and the kids of the artist.  This year was no different as IACA 2017 Artist of the Year Shane Hendren share the honor with his beautiful daughters.


Like many things happen over the years to all great traditions, things change for one reason or another.


Sadly, future IACA markets have been suspended into the foreseeable future because of the decline in retail member participation in the market. Over the years, the IACA wholesale markets have provided the industry with a tremendous opportunity to purchase the finest authentic American Indian Art in a private and friendly  environment that was pretty much exclusive to IACA members.


The markets provided  a friendly place for buyers and sellers to get together.  They provided buyers an inexpensive way to stock their shelves with an
amazing array of the very finest in American Indian art.  They provided a place to learn, a place to exchange ideas and meet new friends in the industry.


For the time being, these historic shows have been suspended.  The IACA wholesale markets always were intended to be of great benefit to IACA members of every sector, including Artists, Retailers and Wholesalers.  The markets truly are historic, and it is sad for all of us to lose them.  But perhaps, they have outlived their time.


If you have thoughts about the future of the IACA Wholesale Market, please share your thought with us.  Just take a minute to let us know how you feel at

Images courtesy of Susan Pourian



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