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The IACA Education Fund is actively engaged in the protection of Indian art from the grass roots local level to the state and federal levels.

Top Stories

Heard Museum Establishes Historic IACA Collection
May, 2014

The Heard Museum, Phoenix,  has established a collection of historic IACA documents in its Native American Artists Resource Collection.  It has been established as Research Collection 341 (RC341). Read more about the IACA collection at the Heard Museum.

IACA Objects to House Bill 1066: To amend the Indian Arts and Crafts Act to clarify the definition of Indian and Indian Organization.
April, 2013

On March 12, 2013, Rep. Nick Rahall II [D-WV3] introduced a bill to amend the Indian Arts and Crafts Act to clarify the definition of Indian and Indian Organization.
The changes proposed would insert into the law language that would allow for members of a non-profit Indian organization and individuals who are not enrolled members of a recognized tribe to claim authenticity.  The proposed amendment reads in part, "Any individual who is a member of an Indian organization."
From what we have learned, the amendment has little chances of passing.  The bill was referred to committee on March 12, and the prognosis is that it stands only a 5% chance of getting past committee.  (Between 2011 and 2013, only 11% of house bills made it past committee and only 3% were enacted.)
You can track the progress of this bill at :http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr1066#
IACA has expressed opposition to the bill via popvox.com - a web based method of expressing opinion and opposition to any given bill, including communication directly to the bill sponsors and other's having influence on the outcome of any given bill.


IACA Comments to the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Proposed Rule to List 66 Reef-Building Coral Species under the Endangered Species Act.
April, 2013

In response to IACA members wishes, IACA issued comments on the proposed addition of certain coral species to the list of Endangered Species, which could have the unintended result of significantly harming American Indian Artists and other segments of the legitimate Indian Arts business.

The entire letter may be read here.


Chehak Discusses the Law With KOAT Television
January, 2012

Past IACA Executive Director, Gail Chehak discusses the importance of protecting American Indian Art with KOAT Television in Albuquerque.

(Click on image to see the interview.)



IACA Urges Department of the Interior to Step Up Prevention of Counterfeit and Imported Arts and Crafts
October, 2011

IACA joined with the American Made alliance in calling for increased enforcement of the indelible labeling requirement by the customs bureau and other Federal law enforcement agencies.

The entire letter may be read here



Past IACAEF President Michael Garcia Testifies Before Congressional Committee
December, 2009

IACAEF President Michael Garcia (NaNaPing) was instrumental in the passing of H.R. 725, the 2010 Indian Arts and Crafts Act Amendment.

This important legislation toughened the laws regarding the ethical production and sales of American Indian art.

(Click on the image to view the Congressional session.)