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IACA In-Store and Show Merchandising Support


Merchandise Your IACA Membership in your gallery, at shows and events, and on your website.

The IACA Seal is a value added component of your membership that assures your customers of the quality and value of the
American Indian Art that you have to offer.

Just download any of the files below to reinforce your positive image with your customers.

Print on card stock or photo paper, and you are ready to go.

A nice countertop display that prints 2 countertop or shelf displays.  Each is 5.5" tall.  Nice and compact. Print Countertop Display
A full 8.5" x 11" display that fits perfectly in a lucite counter display that is available at your favorite office supply store. Print 8.5" x 11" Display
A 5.5" tall countertop display for IACA Collector's Guild participants.  Get mileage out of this display with your customers. Print IACA Collectors Guild Countertop Display.
A full 8.5" x 11" IACA Collector's Guild display that fits perfectly in a lucite counter display that is available at your favorite office supply store. Print 8.5" x 11" Collectors Guild Display
IACA logos for use on your website and in your advertising.  Just click on an image and save it to your computer for future use.
This historic IACA membership display still is in high demand for in-store and show merchandising.
Now you can print the classic poster out right here.
(This is a very large file and will take several minutes to download.)
Historic IACA Counter Display
This is a jpg rendition of the historic IACA membership display. The quality is a bit less than the file above, but it will load much quicker.  This version also is scalable so that you can create any size you wish. Click on the image, left and save it to your computer.  Then print it using your favorite photo editing software.
  The Real Deal is a PDF file That showcases member establishments as a place that assures buyers of the authenticity of your offerings. 
Click on the image for a preview.
The Real Deal 
  The IACA Code of Ethics
demonsrates your committment to the ethical promotion of authentic American Indian Art
Code of Ethics
A classic poster by Jessie Hummingbird, 1996 IACA Artist of the Year. Only You Can


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IACA Marketplace is one of four top pages on the IACA website, viewed by thousands of people each year. Best of all, your annual listing is just $60.00/year. You must be an IACA member or affiliate to qualify for a listing on the IACA Marketplace.

Listing is easy.

  • Create a jpg image that is either 144 pixels high x 216 pixels wide for a horizontal ad, or 216 pixels high x 144 pixels wide for a vertical ad.
  • E-mail your image to info@iaca.com, along with your web address.
  • Purchase your listing on-line below.
  • Your website will be reviewed for acceptability.
  • If accepted, your listing will appear within 48 hours of receiving your payment.
  • If not accepted, you will receive an immediate refund.

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